Michael MacGregor (Mac-Paper)

I've been interested in photography since I was a kid. I had a Brownie box camera, then later graduated to a nice Kodak folding bellows camera given to me by my Grandpa Virgil. Then, later, a Kodak twin lens reflex that I bought with my own allowance. For many years I had a Black & White darkroom, including a nice enlarger. During my research career in the Paper Industry I was always keenly interested in scientific imaging and Image Analysis. Today, many decades later, I'm still enthralled with the entire process, from the aesthetics to the technical. I feel that my equipment, my software, and my picture-taking continue to improve even after all this time. I've made only a few dozen art prints out of the thousands and thousands of pictures I've taken. I take pictures strictly for my own satisfaction–rarely for money. In fact, I hardly show my photos even to family and friends. But, for those I do think might be of interest, I'm hoping this website will be a nice place to do that. Mike Mike's Business Website